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Case Study


REDUCE LIGHT ENERGY USAGE In the facilities of a major automobile manufacturer, the complete overhaul of outdated lighting systems made way for On Time Lighting’s revolutionary LED solution. The company began the search for a turn-key, energy-efficient lighting solution that they could one day expand to each of their facilities around the world. Once the automobile manufacturer began updating their US repairs facilities with full LED systems, the financial benefit of the LED solutions was outdone only by the sudden sustainability improvement.

Turn-key Solution

This impressive and immediate measurable success stems from the energy efficiency in On Time Lighting’s products. The LED fixtures On Time Lighting installed at the automotive repairs facility is specifically designed for a large-scale manufacturing environment. The direct reduction in the automobile manufacturer’s electrical load is what led ultimately to monumental cost savings. For this major global presence in the automotive industry, cutting costs while leading in sustainability initiatives was crucial.

On Time Lighting’s turn-key solution allows them to customize each installation to suit every customer’s unique path of least resistance. They worked with the on-site team at the automotive repairs facility in order to retrofit and redesign their existing lighting grid. From a full facilities audit, fixture design and certification, utility rebate approval, local permitting consent, and ending in successful installation, On Time Lighting’s fully integrated solution made it easy to match the automobile manufacturer’s energy savings goals with LED lighting technology.

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Energy Usage


Cost Savings


Increase Efficacy (lm/W)


Increase FC Reach


COST SAVINGS Upon completion of the installation phase, efficiency at the plant improved on Day One by as much as 20 percent. With the On Time Lighting solution up and running, the repairs facility is already on target to exceed expectations. On Time Lighting replaced a lighting solution that consisted of efficient T8 fluorescent fixtures with an in-house designed and assembled DLC listed LED fixture. The newly installed LED fixtures provided greater than 50% costs savings and delivered more than 2x the average foot-candle reading while using fewer fixtures.

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