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About Us

About Us

On Time Lighting was founded in 1993 to manufacture and supply energy efficient lighting products based exclusively on state-of-the art ballast, lamp and optic technologies. Combining a strong engineering background, versatile production capabilities, a driven work ethic, and customer service second to none, On Time has rapidly emerged as a leading full line provider of specification grade quality, energy efficient fluorescent lighting systems.

On Time is committed to providing our customers with cost effective products of consistent high quality supported by outstanding customer service. All On Time lighting fixtures are UL approved and have been designed with the highest level of efficiency, durability and reliability in mind. Our network of designers, engineers and lighting consultants will work with you to meet your functional and energy conservation needs. Whatever your specific needs are, On Time Lighting is ready to offer a customized “turnkey” solution designed to reduce your lighting costs.

Major markets include the energy services sector, government and institutional facilities, new construction, retrofit upgrades of schools, hospitals, offices, retail stores, hotels and factories.


  • We are always producing the newest high quality products that our customers can rely on.
  • We deliver our products quickly and accurately to the job site so that the project can stay on schedule.
  • We are always available to our customers, and we will take action to make sure that they receive the service and products they need to be successful.
  • We can work with our customers to retrofit customized solutions to address their lighting requirements.


  • Our products will provide you with the reliability and quality necessary for a successful installation.
  • The lighting industry is incredibly dynamic and we strive to maintain a leadership role within this market.
  • We are constantly evaluating new technology in order to bring the best product possible to our customers.
  • A majority of On Time Lighting’s products are UL certified and many are DLC listed.

Customer Service

  • On Time Lighting works with you to learn more about your project requirements and future lighting needs.
  • We want to be sure to provide you with the products you need and the service you expect from a partner.
  • You will have direct contact to an On Time Lighting representative who will assist you throughout your lighting needs evaluation.
  • The success of your project is of the utmost importance to our team.

Quick Delivery

  • Quick deliver is one of the founding values of On Time Lighting.
  • We pride ourselves on being able to deliver products quickly and accurately to your project site.
  • We understand that quick installation is vital to a projects performance and work with our customers to ensure that the products are there when they need them.